Our Dogs


Golden Gate’s Dolce Mia (Lexy)

Golden Gate’s Dolce Mia (Lexy) is a medium sized chocolate with a soft fleece coat. She has solid good looks and great boning structure. She has an independent side and loves to explore yet will come cuddle with you any time. She is very good- natured and has a great even temperament. OFA Eyes Clear, OFA Hips Pending, PenHip Pending.







Harmony’s St. Ava (Piper)

Harmony’s St. Ava (Piper) is a minature chocolate with a super soft silky wool coat. She is playful and devoted to her guardian family. She goes everywhere with them- no need for a leash for her! She loves to work and train. She will follow her human daddy everywhere, but loves her snuggle time with her human mommy. She would make a great therapy dog and are working towards that. OFA Hips Pending, PenHip Pending


Harmony’s Haiku (Sadie)

Harmony’s Haiku (Sadie) is a medium size caramel with a soft silky fleece. She has a very sweet and affectionate disposition. She loves to cuddle and loves to be with her two human brothers. She has a PennHip score which puts her in the 70th percentile. PRA Clear, OFA Clear, DM Clear, and IC Clear.


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