• PRA Clear, OFA good, Penhip 70th percentile of all Labradoodles

Harmony’s St. Ava (AKA Piper)

Harmony's St. Ava
DamHarmony's Xena
SireAlpenridge Bentley
Color/CoatChocolate Wool Coat


Harmony’s St. Ava (AKA Piper) is a miniature chocolate Australian Labradoodle with a super soft silky wool coat, the most allergy friendly of all coat types. She is playful and devoted to her guardian family. She goes everywhere with them- no need for a leash for her! She loves to work and train and will follow her human daddy everywhere, but loves her snuggle time with her human mommy. She would make a great therapy dog and are working towards that.

Harmony’s Piper Pedigree


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